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Relation to Use
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I couldn't be happier, the shorts are soft and fit great
   Zineb Faid
Haven't opened yet,but have lots of faith in Jon.
   Barbara Papalia
If you are looking for an excellently made AND sized-to-fit, PLUS affordable crib sheet, I HIGHLY recommend this one.
I found that the design with side seams and extra material made this sheet fit the deepest of the thick mattresses perfectly and snugly.  If one doesn't care for the jersey material as much, I found that this particular make, style, and material made this an optimal mattress cover underneath other sheets if one was also desirous of such.  Not ONLY does it stay on by itself, BUT, it also helps to keep another sheet on IF you have a super active sleeper who tends to manage to get the crib sheets off during sleeptime.  ;)
   Kathryn Campbell

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