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    We have simple rules here.
  • Profanity? We don't care if you cuss. We're not your parents.
  • Don't be a dick. This is obvious, but treating others poorly will get you removed.
  • Respect the prefixes. Mark those with spoilers as such, mark topics that should remain spoiler free as such.
  • NSFW content is allowed to be posted here, but this is not going to become a porn dump. Any threads dedicated to that will be removed. You must warn everyone that you the content you're linking is NSFW and if you're embedding an image or video, keep it in a spoiler tag. This is an adult-oriented comedy so that content is accepted but only in proper moderation.
  • Don't whore out your website. You're allowed to put your site in your signature, though.
  • Constructive criticism is welcomed. Insulting is not. Example:
    "This is shitty," is an insult. "You could have improved on X by doing Y." is constructive criticism. It helps if you point out some positives, too.
  • Spamming is a no-no aside from the spam board.
  • If you're banned, accept it. If you make an alternative account to post while you're banned will get both your accounts permanently banned.

Board Specifc
  • Q&A - Designed for specific questions but depending if there's a big spoiler, we may only answer things very vaguely. "Will X show up?" may be answered, "We have plans for X." for instance. However, if it's not a big developmental, we may spill out our heart.
  • Application -  we love that you're interested in becoming a team member, please feel free to post here. Please look at the template and read our current needs.
  • Oh, I have an idea! - We know that there's probably a few ideas being thrown around in that noggin and you want a chance to have your say. This is it. But understand we may have plans already and we don't see every idea as great. But who knows, you may think of something really funny.
  • Spam - Designed for spamming, go figure. Post count is stagnated. However, the spoiler rules, NSFW rule and insulting still isn't allowed. Other than that, go nuts.
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