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Jobs: Creator, Animator, Writer
Links: SEZ, Youtube

As told by WittyUsernameSA:
I'm a former Sonic fan. Actually, I would say I'm more of a "Sonic cynic." I created this series with quite a bit of different intentions than it has evolved into. The original intention was this series to act more of a "buddy series" that puts both Sonic and Eggman on equal footing -- they were both still actors, however.

Through my discussions with Martin, and later LJ, Pink, and others, we have crafted it. We changed the idea and all put a lot of passion into the series. We all want it to be an excellent series we can all feel a strong part of -- at least, that's my take. In the end, I feel it's much better for it.

I'm a single animator on this whole series, so it's hard to put out episodes quickly. I'm also a rookie animator, and still have a lot to learn, but I do feel I'm improving. However, I also feel the writing is where the series is meant to really shine.

While I thank everyone for their hard works, I'd really love to thank Martin for his dedication, active participation, and consistent communication. Without his engagement, this series would have been dead on arrival.