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LJ, "I play everyone."

Jobs: Voice Actress -- like, a lot of voices.
Characters: Sonic, Iizuka, Francesco, Professor Big, additional roles
Links: Youtube

As told by LJ:
I'm LJ. I voice everyone. You hear my voice everywhere. Even in the characters I don't voice, my voice can be heard.Disclaimer: I actually only voice Sonic, Francesco, Big and Iizuka.I've been in the world of voice acting since the age of 13 I think. I started off with roles in machinima, but currently I do work for parodies, fandubs and animations such as this one. I became a fan of the Sonic franchise back during the Dreamcast/Gamecube era. I've since grown out of it after the franchise has spewed out disappointments, but I still go back and play the games I grew up with on occasion, with my favorite being Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

I think my favorite part about SEZ is voicing Sonic, this character I have so much nostalgia for, as an egotistical jackass who only likes one person in the world: The narcissistic fuck he sees in the mirror.