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Jobs: Voice Actor
Characters: Silver
Links: Youtube

As told by Kirikai:
Hey Guys, the name's Kai and I like bring characters to life the power of my voice. I also make videos making fun of Anime and give my opinions on Nerdy Entertainment.

I started voice acting on YouTube when I was a kid watching videos by "Sonic Movies" and "Find The Computer Room". At the time they were holding auditions for something called "Project Shadow". It was before I went through puberty and at the time I recorded for Tails. The project didn't go anywhere but a little while after, I met my partner in crime LJ7117. She wanted to have me in her project Smashima as the character Sonic. I then went on to do dubs of the flash animated series, Super Mario Bros. Z. I had help from some friends and it was so much fun to put together. Granted it hasn't aged well, but we all start somewhere. Afterwards I went on to voice act in various Video Game Dubs, Abridged Parodies, and a few Original Projects here and there.

I hope you guys like my performance as Silver and the rest of the cast.