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Concept Vault

A lot of ideas go into making this series and universe. Some make it, some don't, some are altered into other forms to fit an narrative better. Old ideas can get brushed up on and either return or be introduced. This is a place to lay out a lot of the "behind the scene" material . Concepts for episodes won't be placed until episode is completed, but that doesn't mean those concepts can't come in later. Hopefully, it'll be a surprise, if they do.

Formatted by title and author basis.

Original Concept
When WittyUsernameSA was alone, simply thinking of things.

Character Concepts
Concepts and discussions of the characters in SEZ.

General Concepts
Content that both did and didn't make the cut. No specified point of where or how.

Episode 1: Tears
Concepts for the first episode.

Episode 2: Interview
Concepts for the second episode.

Episode 3: Stand-Up
Concepts for the third episode.