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Episode 2: Interview


Quick Overview
March 1st 2017
by WittyUsernameSA

To date, Episode Two is my favorite completed episode. The reason for its design was to expand on the universe and distant itself from the original intentions of SEZ. It acted as a way of defining the new personalities of all the characters and really hammer the idea of "This is not the Sonic you see in the games."

The whole Interview format increased construction speed by a significant amount -- I didn't have to move too much since the majority of the clips were placed behind the table (this got awkward a bit in some scenes.) It also really allowed to really get to know certain characters. The set up played to the whole idea of "The Main Five," that the franchise seemed to push on us with Sonic Boom and the fans have long claimed, before. The Main Five was pretty much everyone from the Classic Era.

I didn't do this out of defining who are the main characters, not by any means, I did it because I feel those are the ones who'd most likely get interviewed in the current state of things. After all, Tails got his interview before Ivo did and Ivo is as much as a main character as Sonic is in SEZ.

But I see SEGA doing this
  • Sonic
  • Tails
  • Ivo
  • Amy
  • Knuckles
  • Repeat

Which is what I chose to do, with other characters popping in when mentioned or had involvement. Blaze was an addition to one of Tails' segments.

Of course, I couldn't just keep it at interviews, I needed to break away from it to keep up interest.

The funnest bit of Episode 2 was creating characters. Many character personalities were created to directly challenge accepted norms within the fanbase. While there's over a thousand fanfiction that play up Amy's obsessive nature of Sonic, being a girly girl, and being thirsty as fuck, we went the opposite route. She hates men, she hates Sonic and is a feminazi to the point of ridiculousness. But we didn't want to JUST challenge the norms as a direct opposition, we also went with an unusual style. For instance, in the fanbase, Shadow is accepted as an edgy, generic badass and many play it up in their parodies -- we went for something incredibly different, here he's Francesco, a method actor chasing, endlessly and tirelessly for his next major role.

I won't discuss all of the whos and whys, I feel that's suited for General Concepts, but the above gave some brief info on the general idea.

The Making
February 1st 2017
by WittyUsernameSA

I decided to give myself a break before I worked on the next episode, originally I planned to work on episode 2 when I hit 5k views on episode 1. That was decided against considering SEZ is not nearly as popular as my remakes or one-shot trash.  So I got work no this a lot faster.

With communication between Martin and I getting more frequent, development of the 2nd episode began to mold. We had long discussions and some random ideas were spitballed. I wasn't sure, immediately, if I wanted to change what I had planned to do. Don't get me wrong, Martin wasn't like "Hey, you should change this." He just told me some ideas he thought might be funny -- I just had an idea of what I wanted the series to be, but at the same time, I knew shutting out creative ideas from others for the sake of "my vision" wasn't the best idea. I warmed up to the idea of changing things around. We worked together and came up with some ideas together -- and it was a lot better for it.

We found ourselves Skyping late at night beating out ideas and laughing the whole time doing it. Here, we decided on episode 2. We knew we wanted to do something very different, Martin tells me that's why he wanted to get into SEZ -- because it was different from other Sonic parodies. Working together, we accomplished that goal -- we defined character personalities (though much was expanded post-SEZ 2) and we went on get the voice actors.

Though, I met LJ and Pink while we were working on SEZ 2 ideas (before the scripting.) I've already heard LJ's Sonic through episode 1, and they shot me a demo of LJ and Pink messing around as Sonic and Amy as well as Shadow and Rouge. And just like LJ, Pink comes with a thousand voices of her own.

I accepted Pink to play Amy and Rouge and met others who were mostly associates of Martin, LJ, and Pink. Each one were great phenomenal voice actors, Kirikai, Meredith, Vice. Mandy sent in her clips the first time around, and I didn't get to meet her until... another episode that was originally planned to be episode 3. I won't go into detail about that. I never got to meet Azure as she sent in her clips and didn't join the group call.

I met another, Geist, who played the voice The Interviewer in SEZ 2. He also made the original logo that you can find in the intro of 2.

SEZ 2's recording was a giant party, honestly. A lot of laughs but also a bit of a headache -- Skype's a finicky bitch. Still, it was overall a positive experience and I'm glad I was there. I generally don't have any speaking roles in the calls, I just act as a second director and help to insure everything is top quality, but Martin usually takes over most of that with his years of experience and sense of judgement.

Cut Content
March 1st 2017
by WittyUsernameSA

There's a few things cut from SEZ 2, mostly for time constraints. Some of it in the script, some not.

One thing that was cut, was -- in the flashback with Eggman throwing Wisps into their pods, we had an idea of Ivo feeling so much remorse, he rose up, sobbing loudly, walking over to Rosalina, from Mario Galaxy, and putting his head on her shoulder and crying. The idea for that was that since A.) Colors was a Wii title and B.) a lot compared Colors to Galaxy for being space themed, that Rosalina was a sort of "diplomat" for this title's development. I decided to cut it for time and honestly, I felt that scene would take too much time to develop.

Metal Sonic's scenes received two cuts. The original Metal Sonic scene was originally longer and actually had Regular Sonic in the room with him. After the "H2-Oh Snap" bit, Sonic would ask him "What are you talking about" and Metal Sonic would go on to talk about how he was "Speaking in cursive." Another cut was a cut for Professor Big as well -- after Knuckles' haiku, Big was supposed to say "It was good that he came to me" and talked about how other places may "drug test him" and which Metal Sonic was meant to appear and rave about how he'd do any kind of drug -- even talking about the Emerald Dust Iizuka snorted. I wound up cutting these because I felt it ran the joke way too long.

Another cut idea was having a nameplate over each interviewee. An example of this would be, "Amy Rose: Feminazi," kinda like in some documentaries. Appear one time over a new interviewee and fade out after a few seconds. Cut for two reasons; one, this would kill a joke before it was even introduced. If Metal Sonic is stated to be a stoner before the jokes start coming in, it lessens the impact of the joke, itself. The and two, I was really, REALLY tired of working.

That's all I can think about, for now. If i can think of more, I'll update this.