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Episode 3: Stand-Up


Quick Overview
March 1st 2017
by WittyUsernameSA

The story with Episode 3 is a headache, really. Originally, Episode 3 wasn't Episode 3 but was actually meant to be Spinning Egg Shorts' first episode. See, Spinning Egg Shorts was originally meant to be an SFM series with short episodes that were (in theory) meant to be a lot faster to produce. But SFM takes forever to make regardless. Honestly, I knew it was going to take way too much time, but I went for it anyway. Turned out, it took way too much time. By the time we reformatted SES to be non-SFM material, Stand-Up was already being worked on pretty heavy. So, rather than waste the work, I decided to finish it and call it SEZ 3.

Still, Stand-Up was meant to introduce three characters: Vector and Espio, who didn't have roles in SEZ 2, and Robotnik Sr., Ivo's dad. Vector's personality was developed to hammer the feeling of a good guy who was just dimwitted and talks a lot. And Espio, we wanted a bit of the opposite, he was really intelligent and quiet. While Vector was a good nature guy, Espio was a mafioso. Finally, Robotnik Sr. We wanted to do something with the 06 model and Robotnik's dad fit it well. Color swap and boom, older Robotnik daddy. We wanted to really show the Ivo has a lot of shit thrown his way, having to deal with Sonic and Iizuka everyday at work and his own dad giving him constant criticism and openly talking about his disappointment in his son.

This is also the first episode to feature Ivo dressed in his hoodie..

The Making
February 1st 2017
by WittyUsernameSA

I spent a good bit of time working on automated lip syncing for Vector and Robotnik Sr. as their facial flexes don't match the standard Sonic ones -- even minimally. Following that, I wrote out the script for the whole thing and sent it to Martin.. He interviewed a few guys, and eventually got Tom on board. Tom does a great amount of voices. And he hit the voice I wanted for Robotnik Sr. -- something along the lines of Harold Zoid from Futurama. He also took the role of Joker.

Martin also gathered a few people to do the audience noises and later I got some extra ones from Pink and LJ. The whole audience thing was a bit of a headache.

Truth be told, I wasn't really feeling the love for this. That's due to its original background though. I just began to take the "get it done" mentality. I regret naming it SEZ 3, while I know it's funny on its own, it just didn't fit the world we were building. But it's not all bad, I suppose. For all that, it's really my least favorite episode.

Cut Content
March 1st 2017
by WittyUsernameSA

As short as Stand-Up, it has a couple of cut things -- seeing as I just wanted to get this done and move onto the next episode which I feel like will be much better.

Joker and Scorpion were meant to be contestants than audience member. They were meant to hide behind a curtain while Vector rambled on about his joke. Vector's joke was planned to devolve into Vector talking about his son, Charmy, being gay. Finally, the audience was meant to start throwing vegetables at him -- namely lettuce (or cabbages,) leaving Vector to say "I love lettuce. They call me the Big V, because I eat a lot of vegetables.) -- At least, that's the voice clip. In the script, it was "a vegetable a day keeps the gay away." Vector is often meant to be improvised.