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General Concepts

Spinning Egg Shorts
March 1st 2017
by WittyUsernameSA

I wanted to give some background information on why Spinning Egg Shorts was created. The number one reason is wanting to expand on the world we're building. Initially, it was meant to be a series with short SFM animations. Problem is, SFM takes a while no matter what. Later, it was moved over to be non-SFM material.See, SEZ's main series takes a long time due to the animation formula. This is really too long to due to actually build up the world around the series. This allows us to introduce material that doesn't take the focus away from the series. It's often, also, held in some unspecified time period.

Another reason is that we, a lot of times, come up with some pretty humorous situations. if we're building a narrative in SEZ, we sometimes can't find places to put these jokes. SES allows those jokes to just come up without worry.

Finally, SES can allow for faster uploads than SEZ does. We're able to build up audience retention if we're able to submit material quicker.

As you probably read, Stand-Up was meant to be the first episode of Spinning Egg Shorts. But when we finally decided to stop the SFM bit of SES, Stand-Up had work done to it already and was simply renamed SEZ 3.