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Character Concepts

Here are some of the whos, hows, and whys behind the characters in the SEZ universe.

March 1st 2017
by WittyUsernameSA

Originally, he wasn't meant to be the jackass he is today. He was more pessimistic about the direction of the franchise and a bit more hotheaded. While he didn't have a problem attacking the fans, he also felt that it was "messed up" to collect their tears.

However, he's grown to be a massive, self-loving prick. He's now quite happy with the direction of the franchise because it puts the emphasis on him. His ego is one of the biggest on the planet. He makes so much money, that he can't really emphasize with anyone else. He does have some care for Ivo, who he thinks is his best friend, but he'd sell him out in no time.

We wanted Sonic to reflect a few things and one of the biggest was the need for Sonic look "unstoppable" in SEGA media. He reminds me a lot of those professional wrestlers who play backroom politics so they win their matches and constantly look strong and not give the new guys the needed popularity boost from a victory over a credible name -- an example of that would be Hulk Hogan who was notorious for that behavior.

I feel that Sonic has always been a self loving dick, but his ego and attitude has only increased after Sonic 1 turned out to be hit.  So much so that was his most violent and callous to his coworkers during the height of his popularity. While he may have calmed down, a little, as time went, but he's very far a pleasant person to be around.

I feel there's a lot of Bender, from Futurama, in Sonic. As well as narcissistic professional wrestlers who have to get there way.

March 1st 2017
by WittyUsernameSA

Originally, Ivo wasn't the pessimistic one. He was meant to be the nice guy who viewed the world in a more positive way compared to Sonic. However, like Sonic, his morality was a little shaky. While he was nicer than Sonic, he still had no problem attacking the fans.

Now, he plays the guy who knows exactly how horrible SEGA and Sonic Team really are. He knows there's little he can do to get things going right when things are so wrapped up by a dark lord with an unconcerned gaming company. Sonic sells, even if everyone suffers for it. He gets shit shoveled his way left and right and really, he's just trying to survive.

He's still pretty much a good guy by nature to the majority of his co-worker and will try to help them out, but they don't respect him so much because he's generally powerless. He once held a degree of power, as he lobbied for Amy to keep her job back in the making of CD when Sonic tried to get her fired. But those days are long gone -- while he does hold a valuable position, the morale has been beaten out of him from every angle, he just doesn't fight it, anymore.

Ivo was given this role as I often see him as a victim rather than a villain. Between games that treat him as a joke, a fanbase that seems to love him as a punching bag for their OC than a powerful villain, and hardly any merchandise sold for him -- he looks like he needs some care and concern. And it wasn't always this way, he used to have proper handling. The Adventures did a pretty great job, particularly 2, to make him look strong even if he wasn't the final threat. Heroes and odd kept up the idea of him being ineffective. Even when he was the final boss again, they constantly reiterate the idea that he's an ineffective villain.

The above gave me the idea to cast him as a straight guy who just lost his self-confidence between all the crap he has to deal with. From from his dad bad-mouthing him to his job gnawing at his soul to even his paycheck being meager.

Ivo may actually be one of the most relatable characters because we been there. We've all felt there were times when life just kept giving us the middle finger.

The fanbase's treatment of Ivo is the biggest inspiration for him. He's the everyman who gets pushed around.

Dark Lord Iizuka
March 1st 2017
by WittyUsernameSA

Iizuka has remained a constant throughout his first introduction to now. While he may have picked up an infatuation with toast, he's still the schadenfreude loving psychopath that drinks the tears of Sonic fans to fuel his dark powers (or so he claims. He may just love the taste of them.) He releases bad video games to make the fans cry, along with making decisions he knows will hurt the fanboys just to make them tear up.

Despite that, only he's allowed to say they're bad games and hates criticism against him and his agenda. Perhaps there's a touch of pride that's being hit when someone gives his games a bad review. Maybe he just likes to be the adversary. Who knows?

Iizuka was developed with the idea of bringing the whole corporate feel together. We need an evil, non-Sonic character boss to push everyone around to really break the idea of "Sonic's world" and into "SEZ's world."

There's a couple of inspirations for Iizuka as a character -- Bob Kelso from Scrubs, Mr. McMahon from WWF/WWE and Darth Sidious, from this one unknown series called Star Wars.

But perhaps the biggest inspiration was the fans themselves -- yep, as odd as it may sound for a series that likes to go against the fans, it was them who brought Iizuka, as a character, to SEZ. See, I used to frequent the SEGA boards back when I still had love for the series and used to hear the name "Dark Lord Iizuka" being tossed around quite a lot. I played up on the joke and finally said, "You know what? I'm gonna make Dark Lord Iizuka an actual character." So I did. He may not be what the jokes always alluded to, but he's definitely one of the best in the series.