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News / Spinnig Egg Zone Episode 4 -- The Fanboy
Spinning Egg Episode 4 has been released.

features a fanboy meeting his hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. However, he slowly learns that what he always thought about the Blue Blur is far from the real deal. How does this cringeworthy fan handle having his reality challenged?

WittyUsernameSA -- Creator, Animator, Director, Writer

Martin -- Co-Author, Voice Director, Dr. Eggman, "The Director"

LJ7117 -- Sonic the Hedgehog, Dark Lord Iizuka, Shadow the Hedgehog/Francesco, Big the Cat

Pinkshuchan - Rouge the Bat, Amy Rose

Meredith White - Tails

AzureBlend - Cream

Kiri-Kai - Silver

PacoSlimee - Stan

Axus - Sally Acorn

Tom Schalk - Caveman Mighty

Music Credits:
Camera One - Josh Joplin Group
Amusement - Curb Your Enthusiasm OST
When the Saints Go Marching In - Forward! Marching Band
The Most Wonderful Time Instrumental - Gooseworx
Giygas Theme - Earthbound
Bubba Rub Bossa - Robby Poitevin
Graveyard - Ren and Stimpy
Relax and Reflect - Final Fantasy XV OST
Theme from Psycho
Satanic - Ren and Stimpy
Horror - F.E.A.R. OST
End Credits - F.E.A.R OST
Plucked - JG Thirlwell
Don't Leave Me Hanging - Until Dawn OST
Control the Radical - Bis

Extra Credits:
Chao Girl - Additional animation, Art

TFSoldier - Eggman Hoodie Model

News / Site Opened
Hey there, welcome to Spinning Egg Zone's website. We still got a bit of work to do around the house, but it's livable around here. We're glad you decided to stop by and will be ecstatic if you decide to engage with our boards.

In the future, there should be some updates around here -- grammatical fixes, unique features to the site, as well as events. We hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to make some suggestions.

Have a good one.
SEZ General / Favorite Characters?
Guess I should start with something simple. So, who's your favorite character on SEZ and why?

I got a few...

Naturally, Ivo but I'll admit that's probably a bit of a bias as I already had Eggman as my favorite Sonic character, beforehand. Part of the reason I enjoy this interpretation is that I feel he's related as just that dude trying to get by despite shit constantly being thrown his way.

Iizuka is arguably one of the most universally loved among people who like this series. How can you not love a character who enjoys tormenting his underlings?

Sonic, I find it fun to take his jerkassery to extremes. Episode 4 will play into that a bit.

Francesco, I find to have the best interpretation. Going from super McEmo Tryhard to the zealous method actor we created.

Vector because he's the easiest to write for. He writes himself. I suppose that's more of a backroom thing, though.

Truthfully, I love each of these characters. But these come to mind immediately.
Application / Current Desired Volunteers
As of 3/17/2017, we're mostly in search of the following volunteers:

- Animators for SFM
- 3D Modelers for Source, particularly for SFM
- Voice Actors are always great
- Artists
- Musicians

We're not looking for
- Writers

Thank you.
Application / Template
Feel free to use the following template when applying. It'll help you break the ice.

Code: [Select]
[b]Desired role:[/b]
[b]Example of talents:[/b]

[b]Tell us about yourself, briefly[/b]

[b]Why do you want this role?[/b]


Name: WittyUsernameSA
Talents: Animating and writing
Desired role: Animator
Example of talents:

Tell us about yourself, briefly
I'm a former Sonic fan. Actually, I would say I'm more of a "Sonic cynic." I created this series with quite a bit of different intentions than it has evolved into. The original intention was this series to act more of a "buddy series" that puts both Sonic and Eggman on equal footing -- they were both still actors, however.

Through my discussions with Martin, and later LJ, Pink, and others, we have crafted it. We changed the idea and all put a lot of passion into the series. We all want it to be an excellent series we can all feel a strong part of -- at least, that's my take. In the end, I feel it's much better for it.

I'm a single animator on this whole series, so it's hard to put out episodes quickly. I'm also a rookie animator, and still have a lot to learn, but I do feel I'm improving. However, I also feel the writing is where the series is meant to really shine.

While I thank everyone for their hard works, I'd really love to thank Martin for his dedication, active participation, and consistent communication. Without his engagement, this series would have been dead on arrival.

Why do you want this role?
Because SEZ is the best series ever in the history of all series. Really. No, really.
News / Rules
    We have simple rules here.
  • Profanity? We don't care if you cuss. We're not your parents.
  • Don't be a dick. This is obvious, but treating others poorly will get you removed.
  • Respect the prefixes. Mark those with spoilers as such, mark topics that should remain spoiler free as such.
  • NSFW content is allowed to be posted here, but this is not going to become a porn dump. Any threads dedicated to that will be removed. You must warn everyone that you the content you're linking is NSFW and if you're embedding an image or video, keep it in a spoiler tag. This is an adult-oriented comedy so that content is accepted but only in proper moderation.
  • Don't whore out your website. You're allowed to put your site in your signature, though.
  • Constructive criticism is welcomed. Insulting is not. Example:
    "This is shitty," is an insult. "You could have improved on X by doing Y." is constructive criticism. It helps if you point out some positives, too.
  • Spamming is a no-no aside from the spam board.
  • If you're banned, accept it. If you make an alternative account to post while you're banned will get both your accounts permanently banned.

Board Specifc
  • Q&A - Designed for specific questions but depending if there's a big spoiler, we may only answer things very vaguely. "Will X show up?" may be answered, "We have plans for X." for instance. However, if it's not a big developmental, we may spill out our heart.
  • Application -  we love that you're interested in becoming a team member, please feel free to post here. Please look at the template and read our current needs.
  • Oh, I have an idea! - We know that there's probably a few ideas being thrown around in that noggin and you want a chance to have your say. This is it. But understand we may have plans already and we don't see every idea as great. But who knows, you may think of something really funny.
  • Spam - Designed for spamming, go figure. Post count is stagnated. However, the spoiler rules, NSFW rule and insulting still isn't allowed. Other than that, go nuts.